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Hati Hati...!
Publicerad lördag 28 september 2013 av RedaxInnehåll / Filmer

This summer's big surf trip went to Indonesia and specifically the north part of Sumatra, to the province of Aceh. We made it to a couple of islands called Banyak Island and stayed there on a floating house. The people, the food, the nature and the surf was amazing. A surf trip we will never forget. This is a short film about this trip and the videoclips is all that we filmed because we were to busy enjoying us this time to make a proper surf movie. A special thanks to Bailey and the crew on the floating surf house. Surfers: Mats Mjöberg, Olof Mjöberg, Martin Mjöberg, Anders Ohls, Mattias Carlgren, John Livingston Bailey, a couple of french guys and some other dudes. On camera: Mats Mjöberg, Olof Mjöberg, Martin Mjöberg, Anders Ohls and Mattias Carlgren. Edit: Mats Mjöberg.

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