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The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell
Publicerad torsdag 10 mars 2011 av RedaxInnehåll / Filmer

Om du någonsin scorat surf på ett ovanligt stormswell eller uppskattar smackande tunga beachbreak-tubar kommer du att gilla det här... Taj Burrow & Co lyckas pricka in ett cyklonswell från "fel" riktning på Australiens västkust.
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Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Mar 10 2011 09:22:44
Helt sjuka tuber, fan vad jag älskar beach breaks. Hoppas vi lite liknande surf på helgen road trip. East Oz bring it on.
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Mar 10 2011 09:25:54
ja fyfan! under 1 och ett halvt år surfade jag det stället bara en handfull ggr då det sällan ens funkar. har surfat det riktigt bra tyckte vi då men nu har den gången fått en ny dag att jämnföras med! fy fan 8 ft och pumpar sjukt!!!
The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Apr 19 2011 18:03:43
oj tänk om dom ramlar...
The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Apr 19 2011 18:03:45
oj tänk om dom ramlar...
The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 21 2011 18:28:23
Looks like fullon Injidup carparks (between Yallingup and Margarets, SW Aust)...these guys make it look easy, most of us mortals would get pitched on the first take-off, get caught inside by the following 6-8 waves of the set and then gladly get washed up on the beach with a wettie full of sand...scary shit.
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 22 2011 06:38:31
it's not the carpark its up the beach there "mitches rock" insanly good been towin there quite a bit since the wedge there is fuckin hard to paddle into like you said! that's whay you see even theese boys getting pitched over! the whole coast was so insane on that swell! every bay had a right point break which is really uncommon ova there!
The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 22 2011 23:45:47
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 24 2011 17:19:01
Wow man such a new world with tow-in surfing, so many opportunities on that coast, is Mitch's Rock way down the beach past P-break? thought those massive beachbreaks were only for foolhardy dolphins! have heard of guys getting towed in to waves on Cowaramup reef, few kms off Guillotines, you heard any stories from out there? Have fantasy images in my head of that place after sitting out in the lineup at Guillos many a moon ago, waiting in a lull and seeing white masses on the horizon....the day you're talking about must have meant freight train barrels at North Point....
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 24 2011 18:08:28
Yes up The beach is mitches rock The corner up there is called The wedge ! And it has it's days But they really don't happens that often! The Big bombie you heard of is cowbombie! But there's à few of thoose places on that coast and heaps of slabs! A place called wild cats around The corner From indji tip can put on some Big waves scary place thou! So freakin sharky it's not Even fun To be there! But fuck man that coast is just insane! Haven't Seen any pics of north point But think The wedge was The best of the best on that swell!
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 26 2011 04:24:47
all sounds unreal, looking forward to getting back there and going for a few exploratory treks along the coast, not that I'd be taking on any of these furious breaks! know your limits and respect the mother's power and all that, but give me a classic sunset session at Contos and then a beer round the fire.......
Wildest I've seen North Point was the final day, Sunday, of the first Margaret River thriller in 1987 I think. A new front was cming thru and the wind shifted NW, big lumpy washing machine Margarets (getting called a down south 15-18 ft, there's a foto of a windsurfer screaming in to shore with a mountain of whitewater behind him that's 1 1/2 times bigger than his mast!)) and if I remember right it was Mark Richards?? against Tom Curren, big sets closing out the bay between the point and the Box.....we took off to Gracetown and North Point was crazy. As kooks we paddled out and sat on the shoulder, heehee thinking we'd be ok there...of course the big closeout set came thru and that was us fucked...but later watched guys taking off about 150m further out and around the point than I'd ever seen, dropping into these huge walls and then pulling into huge standup barrels at least 15ft from top to bottom...one of those classic days....hope you get some good ones man.
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 26 2011 07:07:12
hav you heard of the board ?

north point was big bigger than most days! and it's crankin! suddn'ly this cleanup set, pretty sure I was dodging the same set at the whomb cause this fucking set was twice as big as the normal ones. this set cleant up every one at north point! just when people got back out this big boil appears and an old single fin full with barnicles popps up to the surface! one of the old boys claims it straight away reackon he lost it in the 80's so it been stucked in the reef for 25 years! no one really know if it was the blokes board or if he was just a quick thinker. but fuck that place is mental!
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 27 2011 19:07:12
now that's a surf story, fucking cool bro
Svar: The Once-in-a-lifetime Swell Jul 29 2011 21:40:47
that was tommy caroll v curren in the final. Caroll won it, boards were broken.
Taj is SO the man in those ds shacks.

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