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Inside Skeleton Bay
Publicerad onsdag 16 oktober 2013 av RedaxInnehåll / Filmer

Skeleton Bay is one of the best waves on the planet you've never heard of. Hugues Oyarzabal is gonna show you all of it, inside and out. Hugues Oyarzabal's last DREAM surf trip was to go to a wave in Namibia, one of the best and longest sand banks on the planet, over a kilometer, and littered with BARREL AFTER BARREL. Hugues saw a good surf swell arriving there via the internet from France, so he jumped on a plane and went to score the wave and realize his dream - surfing and capturing Skeleton Bay on his Go Pros... The mysterious wave was amazing - but not easy, and a day of surfing there meant walking over 15 kilometers to get there, hours in the water, crazy barrels, wipe outs and lots of emotions...

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