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Surfrider Foundation Beach Cleanup: Åsa
Publicerad måndag 07 april 2008 av Matthew FaderInnehåll / Artiklar

Arrived at Åsa this morning, windstill, spegelblank. Don't go there that often in these conditions. Very peaceful. The clean-up at Åsa was extremely effective. We weren't so many, about 25 if you include the aussie & french groms but everyone there kicked ass.

We collected 30 big bags of trash plus all sorts of strange crap, lots of plastic packaging with chinese text, twisted metal, fishnets, a tire, front of a car, a huge pipe system (also with chinese text) that must have come from a big ship. Lots of old rope. Yann & Åsa dragged an old broken windsurfboard from the island to our camp. Even found a little baggie with cannibis leaves on it as well as a syringe! Jimbob found a full beer.

The clean-up in Åsa has turned into really positive cooperation between surfers and the woman who owns Stenudden. A politician herself, who has had a lot of conflicts with surfers/windsurfers over the years. She has threatened many times to block off the private road down to the harbor. Now we are talking and she is delighted to have her name in the newspapers attached to the clean-up. We hope to continue our talks especially since she will dropping more big boulders in the water in order to reinforce the pier. Don't want another Mölle situation.

Big thanks to everyone that showed up. special thanks to Göran from Backdoor who made the event even better with the tent and BBQ burgers for everyone. The weather held for most the of the time. By the time we were packing up 6 hours later, the sun was out and smiling down on us. Pics coming soon.

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