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1. Heading East - Going South
Some new and used clips from my travels in Indo just to let you know whats coming more in the full version from Fikapojkarna productions soon. Film: Linus Eliasson (Fikapojkarna productions). Surfer ...
måndag 13 maj 2013
2. Welcome to the jungle Pt. 2
Still in the jungle! =) This's going to be the last film from Costa Rica for a while. It has been a really good trip. Now we're heading for Indonesia, see you there! So stay tuned for more!=) Surfers: ...
tisdag 02 april 2013
... Banting (AUS) vinna herrklassen över Evan Gieselman (USA). Sally / “It’s unbelievable! I was just focusing on working through my boards and going through some heats and before I know it I’m in the final. ...
söndag 19 februari 2012
... kan hantera den svåra inomhusvågen. Todd själv säger “My expectations are everybody is going to have a blast and since it will be my first time riding the Surfstream, I am really excited. Also, we are ...
torsdag 09 februari 2012
... off the 2011 Big Wave World Tour with the third annual Quiksilver Ceremonial,” said Big Wave World Tour Contest Director, Gary Linden. “It looks like patience is going to pay off as we are expecting surf ...
tisdag 24 maj 2011
6. Going Vertical i Malmö
Boka in den 26 April! Då har dokumentärklubben Doc Lounge säsongsavslutning och visar filmen Going Vertical på Babel i Malmö. Läs vår recension av filmen här och mer om visningen på doclou ...
onsdag 06 april 2011
... especially have a whole new approach and they’re gaining in confidence in every surf. The future for the sport is going to be exciting and I can’t wait for it. But for now, I’m going to celebrate my ...
måndag 01 november 2010
8. Intervju med Andrew Kidman
... friends really that created things together. What happened to Val Dusty? Marriage, children financial pressures, we all went our own ways to keep what we believed in going. We're all still doing it really. ...
onsdag 15 september 2010
9. Going Vertical
Going Vertical, en ny dokumentär som gräver lite djupare i shortboardrevolutionens rötter, hade världspremiär igår i Sydney och Surfsveriges filmexpert bjöd naturligtvis in sig själv för att snacka deep ...
torsdag 25 mars 2010
10. Tillbaka till Lagundri
Färjan till Telukdalam vänder tillbaka efter tre timmars färd. På frågan om vad som sker svarar en man på knacklig engelska; “Going back to Sibolga. Ombak besar (stora vågor). Dangerous“. Men det var ...
söndag 13 december 2009
... är han som ”keeps me going”. Han är liksom 21 år och har vart med om mycket mer saker än jag - och surfat längre. Det är alltid han man vill slå. När han sätter något trick på en våg vill jag göra samma ...
tisdag 27 januari 2009
12. Head'n South
... that spray off the peak is going the right way. Could I make Väddö before work? Done it before but now have an 8:30 start at a new job I've been at for a whole three days! When is the sun up? How ...
fredag 08 augusti 2008
13. Glacier Tsunami Surfing
... be an overwhelming one, almost sending the pair home after a series of highly dangerous, unsuccessful attempts on day one. "It was way more than I expected," said McNamara. "I was almost going home ...
söndag 19 augusti 2007
14. Searching for Tom Curren
... ger sig på Steve Liz utdaterade bräddesign från 1967 med orden "Sometimes when things aren't going the way you want them to, you have to break out of the pattern... part of surfing is experimenting with ...
torsdag 09 november 2006
15. Tenerife in summer
Hi... I am thinking about going to tenerife(playa Americas) in july. Anyone who knows whether there usually are waves during summer? Im ok with just surfable 0,5-1 m waves. I have been there during winter ...
söndag 08 april 2018
Ive surfed in all o the places you mentioned except for Samoa. It depends what time of year you are planning on going. If i could go back to any place it would probably be Nica. The waves are good, ...
fredag 27 januari 2017
... most of my time in Lombok if I were you, but a nice place to start out in in Bali would be Canguu. If you keep going east, check out Sumbawa, pretty awesome waves, and not that crowded. ...
måndag 15 augusti 2016
... på nacken :O Stela som fan, men still going strong! ...
fredag 11 december 2015
A couple I'm going back too :) ...
fredag 07 augusti 2015
20. Svar: Portugal
Thank you so much! Im going on a roadtrip in my rv after summer, thinking Spain, Portugal, France, and maybe Marroco. I want to buy a camera and a waterproof case, i have a camera now but not good enough. ...
fredag 27 mars 2015
21. Svar: Portugal
... going back to it, I did it full time for a while in the 90s, still with film :), was natural, I was engaged in the surf community, with a camera, at the time surf was becoming popular in Portugal, reflected ...
torsdag 26 mars 2015
22. Svar: Portugal
Tjena hello! I'm going there (Ericeira) later in spring. Any website recommendations (for info/research etc)? ...
tisdag 17 mars 2015
23. Svar: New to Sweden!
Hey Mick We are some people going over to Norway the 13-17th of may from Stockholm. U are welcome to join if u wanna check out that part of Scandinavia :D Cheers ...
måndag 16 mars 2015
... presuming it was a good forecast and I was in sthlm, hehe. Let it be heard in the forum, i don't really keep track of my IM indox on surfsverige, if you feel like going anytime soon. Hope you get ...
onsdag 31 december 2014
25. Need a lift to toro
Is anyone going to toro on Friday I am in knees of a ride there and back to town I can swing a little bit of cash your way not that I have much but I can help on gas abit Cheers as Stu 0734434986 ...
onsdag 31 december 2014
Hey anyone going for a surf on sat 20 dec I'm keen to try get this place again if anyone wants to surf it too hit me up we will need a car cheers Stu 0734434986 ...
onsdag 17 december 2014
Can't get the pic up but it's in my gallery cheers
lördag 06 december 2014
Hey is there anyone going to torö or keen to surf this place Send me a msg 0734434986 ...
lördag 06 december 2014
[USER POSTED IMAGE] hi is anyone keen to surf this little number with me ill be going out by myself but its always nicer to surf with someone its a 700m paddle to get there hit me up 0734434986 ...
söndag 26 oktober 2014
hi is anyone keen to surf this little number with me ill be going out by myself but its always nicer to surf with someone its a 700m paddle to get there hit me up 0734434986 ...
söndag 26 oktober 2014
31. Torö on Saturday
Is anyone from stockholm going to torö on Saturday I'm broke and can't get there if someone can get me there and back I can shoot a few pics of you from the water for payment Cheers Stu 073443498 ...
torsdag 23 oktober 2014
32. boogin on the west coast
hey is there any bodyboarders on the west coast im just north of göteborg for another week and im trying to find some little slabs and its going good so far but looking for someone to ride with and to ...
måndag 04 augusti 2014
33. Svar: Surfing in Sweden
If you are going to the northern Sweden you can rent boards from http://www.northsport.se/category.html/slakkline in Umeå and surf if it is S winds. ...
torsdag 03 juli 2014
I don't think it's going off man! Check out sunday! There might be a possible wind coming in! ...
fredag 11 april 2014
35. "I don´t need a leash"
... going to lose my board,” Mr McNicol said. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/news/nsw/new-breed-of-surfers-who-refuse-to-wear-leg-ropes-are-not-only-putting-lives-at-risk-but-are-also-dividing-the- ...
måndag 24 mars 2014
Sjukt intressant artikel i Surfers nov.nr, "Going pro", om den enorma mängd barn som börjar satsa tidigt på en surfkarriär och konsekvenserna det ger; ökad mängd hemskolning istället för kommunal skola ...
måndag 18 november 2013
Hello! 2-3 October I am going to Copenhagen for work. 4-5-6 October I would like to stay somewhere south of Sweden to surf. Anyone for spot tips? for welcoming me over? for surf trip in the region? Tack. ...
torsdag 26 september 2013
38. Flyg till Costa Rica Hjälp!!!
I'm going mental trying to find flights...Please help !! Which airlines is best from Europe to San Jose, Costa Rica ? I got a 6'6" board. Read that British Airways wont carry boards over 6'3"... :( Are ...
söndag 15 september 2013
39. Svar: Jobb i byn
... – providing usage information and troubleshooting problems Proactively contacting clients regarding on-going issues. Handling clerical duties relating to the conference calls, performing various ...
fredag 30 augusti 2013
40. Svar: One board quiver Sverige?
Lost Lay Z boy: The Domestic Series is all about …good times, fun and easy. Can be ridden in waves from knee high to well over head with ease. Because of the narrow hipped, continuous curve, elliptical ...
torsdag 27 juni 2013
Hi guys, i'm going to be arriving to Sweden in August and was wondering if any of you could give me some tips on what sort of gear I will need to surf, how consistent the swell is, how big the waves ...
tisdag 11 juni 2013
... :woohoo: that's not worthy of a new board, you are being petty, the board hasn't lost an iota of functionality, you probably could have packed it better and now you are going to claim a new board, and ...
tisdag 28 maj 2013
Du fick verkligen till det m rätt musik. Snacka om arty så in i helvete !
fredag 17 maj 2013
yeah man!
fredag 17 maj 2013
45. Heading East - Going South
Kommentarer till Heading East - Going South  ...
fredag 17 maj 2013
46. Svar: Biarritz i sommar ?!
... and breakfast. Im leaving for Australia middle of June but would be down if you planning on going before that. Have fun, surf plenty. [USER POSTED IMAGE] ...
tisdag 16 april 2013
47. Svar: Bali / Maldiverna hjälp!
... there are 6 or 7 girls going already, there are 2 perfect waves right in fron of the island and we have a boat that takes you there so you don't have to paddle and you can relax between sessions. I will ...
torsdag 07 februari 2013
48. Svar: Bali / Maldiverna hjälp!
... 7 girls going already, there are 2 perfect waves right in fron of the island and we have a boat that takes you there so you don't have to paddle and you can relax between sessions. I will be there too ...
tisdag 05 februari 2013
49. Corralejo board hire
Hi, does anyone know if there's decent short boards to rent in Corralejo? Apollo will charge to take mine, so I'd rather give my money to a local dude if possible. Going 6th Jan. Thanks ...
onsdag 26 december 2012
Hej Jonty! You can rent there in surf shop in sitges and in barcelona but just softboards or pretty yellow boards so if you want to enjoy I suggest you bring your surfboard (same kind of surfboard you ...
lördag 22 september 2012
51. Hej Hej!
Jag studerar svenska men jag behöver mer tid, so I am going to continue in english ;) I have had many surf days here and there since I moved to Sweden. I am really happy to find in Sweden a surf comunity. ...
onsdag 12 september 2012
Looks like the surf is starting to pick up in Norway !! I'm going overseas for 1 week on the 20th sept to go warm water surfing (couldn't help it, I booked a trip after 6 weeks of no real surf) So the ...
måndag 27 augusti 2012
53. Svar: Hjälp ang ding
... i have to repair the board i want it to be done in the best way possible. So the repair will be permanent. But i am going to take ErikG's advice and not do it on my own :) So hopefully i can find someone ...
fredag 17 augusti 2012
54. Svar: New Aussie in Stockholm
... real keen to keep getting a few waves if I can?! If anyone is going for a wave anywhere near me, I am always keen to join.... I am starting to get withdrawals.... ...
söndag 18 mars 2012
So you planning a trip to Taghazout Morocco??? Gazer has some page going on about it ... rampfever.se not much to look at but I guess it's a work in progress havent meet him yet ... down here now ...
fredag 24 februari 2012
56. Svar: In Sri Lanka (STN)
... Is it someone coming from Sri Lanka? Is he going to Sri Lanka? If hes an artist, what does he do? Why is he talking about multiculturalism in a multicultural area? Wouldnt it be better to talk about multiculturalism ...
torsdag 26 januari 2012
57. Svar: In Sri Lanka (STN)
... someone coming from Sri Lanka? Is he going to Sri Lanka? If hes an artist, what does he do? Why is he talking about multiculturalism in a multicultural area? Wouldnt it be better to talk about multiculturalism ...
torsdag 26 januari 2012
58. Svar: Lofoten going off!
fredag 20 januari 2012
59. Lofoten going off!
SIIIICK! http://www.nordicsurfersmag.se
fredag 20 januari 2012
60. Svar: marocko höst /vinter
åkej, ska kolla datum - beror lite på vågorna också ... ingen kommer om Anchor is going off!! (tänkte inte ppå det Hahahah!!) ...
lördag 17 december 2011
61. Svar: Saltstein been going off
Obs det där var bara slutet på en mellanstor våg har jag för mig.
onsdag 14 december 2011
62. Svar: Saltstein been going off
Provar lite med en bild från Norge början av december Surfare är jag själv fotograf Vagabond Taget med mobilkamera, vet inte om surfaren syns? Ni får leta lite JAg är i slutet på böljen surfade med en ...
onsdag 14 december 2011
Why? You guys going to HI? To surf like Kelly...?? ;-) ...
onsdag 14 december 2011
64. Svar: Saltstein been going off
okej, I'll bite :evil Tror det är Sebbe runt 20-22 dec 2008, inte helt säker på just detta fotot är honom dock [USER POSTED IMAGE]
onsdag 07 december 2011
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