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Bali/Lombok i November, tips pa boende etc!
#111899 Bali/Lombok i November, tips pa boende etc! 6 år, 5 månader sen Stoke: 1

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Hej alla surfers!

I will be doing an Asia loop consisting of several countries, one of them being Indo. I plan on being in Bali and Lombok (mostly the latter) and am hoping to score some surf. I understand that November isnt exactly the famed dry season with pumping swells, but I have seen/heard that it can still be a fun time to surf.
I am asking for advice on hostels/homestays (in both Bali/Lombok islands) that are fairly cheap ($10-20/night as I will be with my gf a few of the weeks there). I have found a few online with decent prices but would like to hear if anyone has had any experiences with any specific places and whether I should go/avoid them. I've travelled to Costa/Nica/Panama and really love the hostel/community kitchen vibe and am looking for that if possible.
I plan on buying/reselling a board when I am there, but am curious to know about wax and reef booties. I noticed wax is usually expensive in Central America so should I pack some?
I had no problems with the reefs in Costa Rica and North Shore areas, is the reef in Bali any different? (ie: fire coral etc) I would like to avoid booties but if you guys advise against I might try snag some cheap ones.


PS: In Bali im focusing mostly south of Denpassar but can go elsewhere, for Lombok I am focusing my searches around Gerupuk mostly but like Bali, can go anywhere really.
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#111903 Svar: Bali/Lombok i November, tips pa boende etc! 6 år, 5 månader sen Stoke: 40

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In Lombok, check out "Pipes Hostel" www.pipeshostel.com/ I stayed around there in total of 6 weeks. It's epic, they got a good skate pool as well, and super nice staff at the hostel (owned by a 29y brittish guy who speaks the native language). They also rent scooters with surf racks.

It's like 20 min scooter ride to Gerupuk, and 20 min to Air Guling , maybe 35 something to Mawi (super fun and fast wave). And only like 10-15 to Segar.

Gerpuk Inside is the most beginner friendly one. Outside right is a bit bigger, but quite fat, a small barrel section if your lucky. Outside Left is a bit steaper and more powerful.

Check out Ekas while you're in Lombok, pretty heavy waves there, especially 'Ekas outside Left'
(45 min boat trip, ask for "Alibaba" in the gerpuuk bay)

I would spend most of my time in Lombok if I were you, but a nice place to start out in in Bali would be Canguu. If you keep going east, check out Sumbawa, pretty awesome waves, and not that crowded.
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#111911 Svar: Bali/Lombok i November, tips pa boende etc! 6 år, 5 månader sen Stoke: 0

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Lombok is a great place.
Back when I was there the cheapest place I stayed at was around 50.000-70.000 indonesian rupiah which is around 3-5 euro. It wasn't the best place but good enough for me. (Wouldn't expect A/C for that prize).

Might have changed since then though.
Hope you have a great trip!
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