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European Surfing Day
Publicerad tisdag 06 maj 2008 av Paul MoinevilleNyheter / Sverige

 The EuroSIMA, European Surf Industry Manufacturers Association, and the ESF, European Surfing Federation, have the pleasure to announce the launching of the European Surfing Day, which will take place on Sunday, June 22nd, 2008 on all the beaches of the European coasts.

Any surf associations, surfschools, surfshops or any surf lovers can be part of this unusual event!

The aim of this day is to bring together, to create links and to unite all the surfers to share their passion with the general public during a festive day. This event tends to show the value of surfing, its practice and its culture and to demonstrate that the surfing community is able to mobilize itself with the whole surf sector and participate in the vitality and richness of local life.

Don’t wait anymore and join us to become an organizer of the Surfing Day. Don’t hesitate to download the organizer guide and register online on www.surfing-day.com.
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