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Tiger Air (Bali) och Norwegian
#112002 Tiger Air (Bali) och Norwegian 5 år, 11 månader sen Stoke: 1

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Im flying from Bali to Singapore then Bangkok with TigerAir. After that its Norwegian all the way to Arlanda.

TigerAirs website seemed a little unclear on costs for boards. Has anyone flown with TA from Bali? My question first of all is, do they charge for boards, and secondly do they charge EACH board in the bag or just the bag itself?

Second part, Norwegian. I understand they have a fee, only about 60 USD iirc, which is good. But, is it per board or the boardbag as a whole?

Thinking of bringing a second board back with me, anyone had any experience with this?
I only ask because some companies are hit and miss, ive had boardbags opened in Costa and charged per board, but not in Nica etc.
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#112006 Svar: Tiger Air (Bali) och Norwegian 5 år, 11 månader sen Stoke: 3

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Norwegian is usually per bag, not per board... I've flown with 3 boards in one bag. No idea about TigerAir though...
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