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Shark Attack @ Bondi
#55471 Shark Attack @ Bondi 12 år, 11 månader sen Stoke: 2

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Den andra attacken i Sydney senaste dagarna, första inne i Sydney harbour då en dykare blev attackerad vid ytan av en bullshark, nu en surfare på Bondi. Fredag den 13:e och allt...

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Shark Attack at Bondi 13th February

Obviously there is a massive amount of shark talk around Bondi this morning...At 7:30pm last night a shark bit a surfers arm as he was paddling out the back. The incident happened half way between the lifeguard tower and southern corner. This is the first shark attack in Bondi since 1929 and the second shark attack in Sydney within 36 hrs. Unbelievable...

Mick Marj, Bondi's top dog was right there last night witnessing the whole incident.

Glen, 33 year old from Dover Heights paddled past Mick at 7:30pm. Moments later there was a large splashing about in the water. Mick said you could see a large tail fin thrashing about as the shark attacked Glen's left arm. Glen screamed "SHARK" and scrambled back onto his board attempting to get back to the beach. All the surfers came in at this time. Mick scrambled to the beach and up to the skate bowls to find someone with a mobile phone where they called an ambulance.

"Looking back you could see a large amount of blood in the water and other surfers helping the victim out of the water. His left hand was severed off, barely attached, and his bicep had been torn and bleeding as well" said Mick shaken up.

When asked what type of shark it was he guessed it to be a Bull Shark, but that's not confirmed as it wasn't 100% visible. Mick said - it was big.

This morning the beach was deserted. 2 guys paddled out in the middle whilst the lifeguards on jetskis warned them of the current dangers and what happened last night. The beach is currently closed, flags down, but the lifeguards said should be open later today.

Lets hope a speeding recovery for Glen who is currently at St Vinni's trying to save his hand.
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#55481 Svar: Shark Attack @ Bondi 12 år, 11 månader sen Stoke: 0

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Jag surfade bondi den dagen, hoppade upp ur plurret en timme innan det small. Sjukt nog hade jag hajnojja när jag var i vattnet också, brukar normalt inte oroa mig för hajar.. Aja hoppas det går bra för killen och att han kan surfa igen.
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#55487 Svar: Shark Attack @ Bondi 12 år, 11 månader sen Stoke: 68

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inte så skönt men tur att han överlevde!
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