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CI Al Merrick "TacoGrinder" 6.3

Annons upplagd av above_the_law
6.3 x 18 1/2 x 2 5/16 (27 l).
”Taco Grinder is a Step Up with true Shortboard Feel”, acc to Al M. This one is in Xps och ECO-resine, 5-fin incl carbon stripes & brand new deckpad. Costs new from Chanel Islands in California 975 $ (d v s 8 257 sek!) before customs tax and freight costs! It´s only surfed 15-20 ggr on Barbados, but I made a SMALL scratch when entering Soupbowls once that is fixed properly (only glosslayer was scratched).
Condition: 7-8/10
My final price: 3 500 sek (prutat o klart, finns i Göteborg/Halland)
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CI Al Merrick "TacoGrinder" 6.3
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